Jacumba Connection

Jacumba Connection: Prisoner’s Blistering New Novel, Based on His Own Life, Brings New Dimension to Understanding of Nation’s Immigration Travesty 

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Masterfully crafted by David Charlton Taylor, who is currently serving a ten-year Federal sentence for the crime of conspiracy, ‘Jacumba Connection’ adds a bold human face to the story of the nation’s issues with illegal immigration. Through the engrossing and witty story of a middle-class couple who lose their life savings and find themselves embroiled in the underworld of Mexican immigrant smuggling, Taylor empowers readers to not only see immigrant plight in an empathetic new light, but to also fight for wider justice system and prison reform. 

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Concord, California – David Charlton Taylor’s Facebook page contains an incredibly raw and powerful photo – a manila envelope with seventeen stamps on it, containing 478 pages of hand-written manuscript about to be shipped to editors for editing and typesetting. Taylor is in Federal prison; serving his time through a new career he has coined “prison writer”.

Taylor’s story isn’t thoroughbred fiction, but an intense and searing exposé’ of the nation’s illegal immigration, justice and prison systems. It’s Taylor’s own story; a display of brevity that forms one of his only links to the outside world.

Synopsis of ‘Jacumba Connection’:

A compelling, adventurous, and surprisingly funny story of a middle class couple who lose their life savings and inadvertently find themselves in the underworld of Mexican immigrant smuggling. Initially, the couple, Charlie and Denice, smuggle their "cargo" to the U.S. for the money alone.

However, over time, they come to see this is not "cargo" but these are people they identify with. Their problems, dreams, and stories are universal in a way that Charlie and Denise never suspected.

This novel is a rarely seen perspective on illegal immigration from the participants' point of view, complete with the palpable danger always present from other smugglers and the powerful United States Border Patrol.

“When people think of illegal immigration, they usually base their opinions on pictures of FBI-discovered drug tunnels in California, or on the loud and fact-less claims made by a certain man running for President,” explains Taylor. “I have been involved in the illegal immigration “trade” and have seen its human face; a picture of tragedy, desperation and a U.S. Government which is turning a blind eye to the real issue at hand. The point of this book is to tell these stories through fiction, based on the things I did and saw before being handed my ten-year prison sentence.”

Continuing, “The book addresses many of the complex issues surrounding U.S. immigration policy and will hopefully move readers enough to reconsider their opinions and kick-start a new movement to truly understand the plights of many of those trying to find a better life in the United States. I also use the novel as an opportunity to urge readers to fight for reform in the justice and prison systems. I’m confined to this cell every day, with the book being one of the few ways I can positively impact the nation I’m not allowed to be a part of. Do I deserve to be here? I’ll leave it up to readers to decide”.

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About the author, in his own words:

I am the eldest of three brothers, raised in Southern California by awesome parents, married over 50 years, who are still together and still very much in love.

As a youngster, I ran buck wild through the canyons and citrus groves of rural San Diego. I followed the Grateful Dead for a while and the Mason Dixon Ramblers…who became the Uninvited, my younger brothers’ band—Steve and John, you rock!

My father taught me to be a fabricator with a good work ethic, emphasizing that in this world, "Success comes to those who hustle wisely." He wore a belt with that statement engraved on the buckle.

I used that knowledge he gave me to build the first giant inflatable product replicas with Robert Keith & Co. I helped design the patterning and production process. During that time I built all three "auto-pilots" for the popular Airplane series of movies, the killer whales for the Sea World billboards, and the first walk-in inflatable trade show booths for Sikorsky Air Craft and Bell Racing Helmets.

Later I turned to sheet metal fabrication for the HVAC trade and was project foreman on the Nokia R&D center in Miramar, the University of Santa Barbara Bio Medical Labs, and the American Skin Scientific and Genitics Company in Torrey Pines, CA. After 30 years in air-conditioning, I am a master tradesman, though I don't define myself by what I do for a paycheck.

As a young man, I was a gypsy, always moving; an old school hippie turned renegade. My demon king was methamphetamine. It followed me around like a pit bull puppy. It’s my Kryptonite. It is the "anti-life." I rebuke you anti-life!

I tumbled through life like a pair of nine-sided dice. I have been a husband, a father, a grandfather, a lover of nature, and sometimes an outlaw. I have been baptized twice and saw God once. She was standing next to me as we helped my son, Justin Cole Taylor, come into this world.

I once lived in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, AZ, where a beautiful woman named Jacky helped me learn to walk again after a devastating motorcycle accident. She taught me how to ride a horse instead of a Harley, and to enjoy being a cowboy. I loved to hear her laugh…"Look, I’m a cowboy, baby."

I have a muse. Her name is Angelica. She came to me here in prison four years ago. She showed me how to kill the cannibal in my head that was eating me alive. She filled that empty dead space with words and story. She makes me laugh and cry at the same time, as I put my hand to pen and paper. She once quoted Nietzsche in my ear. "Dave, he who has a why to live for, can bear with almost any how."

I have a sneaking suspicion my mom sent her to me. I love you, Mom.

So now laughter is my medicine. Storytelling and writing are my genie in a bottle. That genie takes me out of this prison and anywhere I want to go. I found my Nirvana being a wordsmith and writing a few novels. I revel in the faith of my editor, Stacy, who holds my hand and walks me through the process from the far away free world.

Life's journey often starts out in the opposite direction of our creative destiny. And I’m happy to say, I’m so far from done I can’t even see the finish line.

Oh yeah, and Angelica says, "Smile every chance you get."

Ellen W. Taylor, Agent
E-Magination Publishing